Raffaele Marcello

Raffaele Marcello

Raffaele Marcello is a researcher and lecturer in Business Administration (the One-line University  “Pegaso”); Ph.d in Economy and Administration of the Enterprises  (Second University of Naples); member of the Board of Directors of OIC (Italian Accounting Organism); member of the Board of Trustees of OIV (  the Italian Valuation Standard Setter);  member of the scientific Committee of IGS (Institute for Corporate Governance); and member of CNDCEC (National Council of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts).
Prof. Marcello has  vast and consolidated experience in corporate, contractual and tax matters and in the evaluation company units, mid-sized and large-sized capital companies and in the accounting management for corporate company acquisition. He handles special corporate transactions and liquidation, real estate operations, accounting and tax due diligence of companies or groups of companies  for acquisition, corporate trading and equity/capital transactions.
He also deals with  consulting and assistance in the management of insolvency/bankruptcy proceedings,  especially plans for restructuring of debts, preventive conciliation (arrangement with creditors) and special administration and attestation of recovery plans.
He participates in supervisory and administrative bodies of private companies.

Raffaele Marcello
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