Mission and Bylaws

Mission and Bylaws

The Organismo Italiano di Valutazione (OIV) was established in November 2011 with three main objectives:
a) To set and update Italian Valuation Standards applicable to companies, financial instruments and tangible assets;
b) To participate in the international debate among valuation experts by giving voice to Italy’s foremost professionals in this area;
c) To become a reference for national lawmakers.

To pursue such objectives, the OIV:
a) publishes and update the Italian Valuation Standards (PIV – Principi Italiano di Valutazione);
b) is sponsor of the International Valuation Standard Council (IVSC), the international standard setter;
c) intends to advance knowledge of domestic and international valuation standards.
d) organises National and International Converences.

Bylaws OIV

Mission and Bylaws
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